Handling Objections
Presented by John Klasen

(Each message is approximately 40 minutes)

This series of messages was presented to address common objections that unbelievers and skeptics often express regarding the God of the Bible; issues pertaining to God's righteousness, Jesus Christ, Christianity, Christians and the Bible.

Part 1a   Part 1b
Part 1: The truth about atheists, agnostics, former "professed" Christians who have renounced Christianity, why there is suffering in this world and issues pertaining to man's free will.
Part 2a   Part 2b
Part 2: Continuation on man's free will and the sovereignty and justice of God. Was the God of the Old Testament justified in wiping out whole societies of men, women and children? What is the fate of babies who die?
Part 3a   Part 3b
Part 3: Is the "lake of fire" cruel and unusual punishment? How can Jesus Christ be the only way to salvation? What about those who have never heard about Jesus Christ or the Bible? Legitimate objections against those who claim to be Christians.
Part 4a   Part 4b
Part 4: God's perspective on the inspiration and preservation of his word.
Part 5a   Part 5b
Part 5: Perspective on the Bible and further proof that the Bible is the Word of God. Evidence is presented from the Bible and from outside sources.
Part 6a   Part 6b
Part 6: Further insight into the Bible and the evidence that the Bible is God's word to us today.

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