This is a study of Paul's Letter to the Romans, the foundational book for believers today.

Here, we are transitioned from God's Prophetic Program for the nation of Israel under the apostleship of Peter and the 12 to God's Mystery Program for the Church, the Body of Christ, under the apostleship of Paul.

Here, we are saved by grace through faith alone in Christ alone.

Here, we are transferred out of the realm of sin and death and placed into the realm of righteousness and life through His Dear Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Here, we find the power of that eternal life, so that we can participate in those things that are well-pleasing to God.

Presented by Steve Walker

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Rom 1
May 21, 2017
Exodus 3 thru 18 Romans Background Part 1: THE GRACE/FAITH SYSTEM:
Israel Under Moses but NOT Under the Law
God's Jehovah I AM name and the Rod of God of Faith
Rom 2
May 28, 2017
Exodus 19 thru Malachi Romans Background Part 2: THE LAW/WORKS SYSTEM:
Israel Under Moses and Under the Law
The Blessings, the Curses and the 5 Courses of Chastisement.
Rom 3
Jun 04, 2017
2 Samuel 7 Romans Background Part 3: THE INTERLUDE OF GRACE:
Israel and the Davidic Covenant
Rom 4
Oct 16, 2016
Romans 1:1-7 The Most Important Sentence in the World
Rom 5
Oct 23, 2016
Rom 1:8-17 The Most Important Life in the World
Rom 6
Jun 11, 2017
Rom 1:18-32 The Pattern of Holding the Truth in Righteousness
or Holding the Truth in Unrighteousness? Part 1
Rom 7
Jun 18, 2017
Rom 1:1-32 The Pattern of Holding the Truth in Righteousness
or Holding the Truth in Unrighteousness? Part 2
Rom 8

Sep 10, 2017
Rom 11 - Ephesians Paul's Mystery Truth
Rom 09

Oct 15, 2017
1 Cor 1-4 How the Adversary Attacks Believers Today
Rom 10

Oct 22, 2017
Rom 1:16-17 The Righteousness of God
Rom 11

Oct 29, 2017
Rom 1:17
Faith and Habakkuk
Rom 12

Nov 05, 2017
Rom 2 Introduction
Rom 13

Nov 26, 2017
Rom 2:1-16 Human/Relative Righteousness
Rom 14

Dec 03, 2017
Rom 2:1-16 Paul's Message and Human/Relative righteousness pt1
Rom 15

Dec 10, 2017
Rom 2:1-16 Paul's Message and Human/Relative Righteousness pt2
Rom 16

Dec 17, 2017
Rom 2:1-16 No More Excuses!

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