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Salvation and The Attributes of God
Peter Philippi

Jul 02, 2020

Jul 02, 2020       Audio     Video    

Paulís Distinct Apostleship and the Coronavirus Crisis

Mar 22, 2020       Audio       Slides Rom 11:30-32
Eph 1:1-10
The World
Mar 29, 2020       Audio       Slides       Video     Rom 4:17-5:8 The Believer
Apr 05, 2020 continues with Matthew

The Death and Resurrection of Christ
Steve Walker

Apr 12, 2020

Apr 12, 2020       Audio     Slides     Video    

Then and Now

Presented by Peter Philippi

Jan 26, 2020
Feb 02, 2020

Five Keys to Rightly Dividing the Word of God
Presented by Peter Philippi

The Prophecy Series
Presented by John Klasen

Fulfilled prophecy, declaring "the end from the beginning..."

The State of the Nation 2020:
Fundamentals of the Satanic Policy of Evil

Presented by John Klasen

Jun 28, 2020       Audio     Video    

What We Know And Why It Is True

Presented by Peter Philippi
on Aug 04, 2019

A Biblical View of Our Ministry

Presented by Peter Philippi
on Jun 24, 2018

Presented by Steve Walker

Romans to Philemon
Presented by Peter Philippi

This series is an overview of our Lord's message to us, the Body of Christ,
as received and written by the Apostle Paul. 

2 Timothy
1 Timothy
2 Thessalonians
1 Thessalonians
2 Corinthians
43 Provisions of God's Grace
1 Corinthians

Calvinism, Election, Predestination & Rom 9
Presented by John Klasen

Itís interesting that Romans 9 is often a section in Scripture which the proponents of Calvinism will come to in support of their beliefs. However, when Romans 9 is correctly interpreted in line with the context throughout, the doctrines associated Calvinist thinking are actually completed destroyed.

The Glory and Manifold Wisdom of God
Presented by John Klasen

God is working out a plan to demonstrate His glory, and it is important that members of the Body of Christ understand how that they are an integral part of that plan.

The Christmas Gift
Dec 23, 2018   Dec 30, 2018

Presented by Peter Philippi

The Second Coming of Christ
Presented by John Klasen

So You Missed the Rapture
What will it look like and what should you do now?

Presented by John Klasen

It's important to understand the difference between the doctrine of the Rapture and the 2nd coming of Christ. It's also important to understand why so many people who professed to be Christians will be left behind.

Born of God - Born Again - Born of the Spirit

Presented by John Klasen

Rightly Dividing
The Word of Truth and The Mystery

Presented by Peter Philippi

This series is foundational to a clear understanding of the Bible and what God is doing today. It shows the stark contrasts between Godís program with Israel and Godís program for the Body of Christ. Without this understanding there is much confusion and personal frustration. Some of the areas of contrast covered are: two gospels, giving, blessings, apostles, commissions, prayer, the resurrection, which scriptures are for whom, the role of angels, etc. In addition, there is detail around The Mystery program we are in today.

Presented by Steve Walker

This is a study of Romans, the foundational book for believers today.
Here we are transitioned from God's Prophetic Program with Israel
to God's Mystery Program with the Church the Body of Christ.
Here we are saved by grace through faith with God delivering us from sin and death
and placing us in righteousness and life through His Dear Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.
And here we find the power of that life, so that we can be pleasing to God

The Battle On The Cross
Presented by John Klasen

This series examines the literal battle of powers which took place between God and Satan at the cross, and which was actually prefigured in the power battle which took place during Israel's exodus out from Satanic captivity in Egypt.

The Perpetual Hatred of Israel
and the Arab Muslim Conflict in the Middle East.
How will it all End?

Presented by John Klasen

What Is Going On In The World Today
Presented by John Klasen

This is a question which many people are asking today as we see the forces of evil operating in the lives of individuals, in our cities, in our nation and all across the world stage. And where are we headed? In this 2-part series, you will see how that the Bible is able to provide the only explanation for the deterioration which we are seeing at every level of society. A written transcript of the message is also available for downloading, or in the form a booklet which can be obtained simply by contacting us through our website.

Educating Angels in the Manifold Wisdom of God
Presented by John Klasen

What is the role which angels have in this present church age? Are they ministering to and watching over Christians today? Most believers today would be surprised to learn that rather than angels ministering to us, there has been a role reversal, as we are actually ministering to them, and teaching them things which can only be demonstrated to them by way of a properly functioning body of believers who understand what God is actually doing in this dispensation of grace.

Christmas should also be celebrated by the Jewish people
Presented by Peter Philippi - Dec 21, 2014

Unfortunately, Christmas is viewed as a Christian Holiday and Hanukah appears to be the Jewish Holiday celebrated approximately during the same time. The reality from scripture is that Christmas should be celebrated by The Jewish people as well. Find out why in this message.

Who Knew The Mystery
Presented by John Klasen

In Christianity today, there is tremendous confusion and mis-understanding about the distinctive nature and importance of "the mystery" referred to repeatedly by the apostle Paul in his epistles. Very often, a mis-understanding of "the mystery" will be associated with the disastrous error of presuming that there is only one gospel message in the Bible. This study is an attempt to shed some light on much of that confusion and error.

Dispensational Overview of the Bible
Presented by John Klasen

The order in which the books of the Bible are arranged present a progressive timeline of what of God has done in the past with the nation of Israel, what God is currently doing through the church, the body of Christ today, and what God will be doing again in the future, with and through the nation Israel, when Israelís prophetic kingdom program resumes again.

Prayer in Israel's Program
Presented by John Klasen

One of the great errors within many denominational churches today, is the presumption that the so-called "Lord's Prayer" of Matthew 6:9-13 is a pattern of prayer for Christians today. In this study, it will be demonstrated how that the prayer of Matthew 6 has no place in the prayer life of Christians today. What would more appropriately be called "The Disciple's Prayer", it illustrates the appropriate petitions which His disciples should have been praying in light of the situation that the nation Israel was in at the time, and that which it was destined to experience, as Israel's kingdom program unfolded.

Prayer for the Body of Christ
Presented by John Klasen

In Part 1 of this study on prayer for the Body of Christ, in this age of grace in which we live today, you will see the relationship between Christ, the Living Word - Christ the written Word, and Christ in you - as Christ, the written Word dwells in our hearts by faith. How does that direct our prayers? How does that enable us to know the will of God for lives, and what are 6 essential categories of prayer doctrine in the life of a believer today?

In Part 2 you will see the important relationships between the Body of Christ and intercessory prayer for others and when it might be appropriate (or not) to pray for physical healing. Are there promises in God's word for physical healing in the lives of believers today? What does the Word of God teach about these issues?

3 Phases of Salvation, Sanctification & The Christian Life
Presented by John Klasen

The Great Commission for the church, the Body of Christ
Presented by John Klasen

As ambassadors for Christ, it is incumbent upon every believer to know what the different gospel messages in the Bible are all about, and to understand exactly what the gospel of the grace of God is, and what it is not, and how the Satanic policy of evil has corrupted and perverted that very gospel, in it's attempt to subvert the eternal destiny of anyone who desires to be saved.

The Preaching of Jesus Christ
according to the
Revelation of the Mystery

Presented by Peter Philippi

The Supremacy of the Gospel in Paul's life
A message of Salvation

Presented by Peter Philippi

The Mystery Kingdom Parables of Matthew 13
Presented by John Klasen

The 7 mystery kingdom parables given by Jesus in Matthew 13
and why Jesus began to teach in parables at this particular point in His ministry

Leviticus 26, Israel's 5 courses of Punishment
Presented by John Klasen

The Value Proposition
Presented by Bob Williams

The Gospel for the Denominational Churches of Christianity
Presented by John Klasen

The only gospel with the power to save today.

Foreknown, Predestinated, Chosen and Elect
Presented by Peter Philippi

There is a lot of confusion, differing opinions and wrong doctrine surrounding the topic of predestination. This series provides a biblical and practical exposition of the topic

The Hope and Hopelessnes of Resurrection
Peter Philippi - April 24, 2011

That old time religion
Presented by Bob Williams

Perilous Times
Presented by Bob Williams

Presented by John Klasen

In year 2008, comedian and TV host Bill Maher produced a DVD documentary dealing with religious beliefs.
The title of the documentary was Religulous.

Another Jesus - Another Spirit - Another Gospel
2 Cor. 11 : 3-4
Presented by John Klasen

These warnings by the apostle Paul in 2 Cor.11:3-4 are the most important warnings in the Bible for people living in this present age of grace.

It's critically important to understand what these warnings are all about.

Understanding the Big Picture
Satan's Role in the World Today
Presented by John Klasen

The real epic battle of the ages is not a battle between nations, races, religions or political ideologies. The battle of the ages is the battle which is going on between the God and Creator of the universe and His Adversary, Satan. This battle began in the heavenly places when Lucifer declared war on God the Creator, and it will end here on the earth. God will be victorious. But during the course of the battle, Satan is seeking to destroy the lives of as many unsuspecting individuals as he possibly can by undermining the word of God and corrupting the good news of God's free gift of salvation for mankind.

It's important to understanding how Satan is accomplishing these things today.

The Salvation Gospel
Presented by John Klasen

Gospel messages for people living today in this present Dispensation of Grace

It is important to understand that the Bible presents more than one gospel message.  How does a person know which gospel message pertains to people who are living today?

These teaching sessions will help you understand the critical differences between the Gospel of the Grace of God, which was given by Christ to the apostle Paul and which pertains to us today, and the Gospel of the Kingdom, which was preached by John the Baptist, Christ and the 12 apostles and which pertains to the nation, Israel.

Donít let Satan rob you of your eternal salvation by deceiving you into trusting in a gospel that does not pertain to you.

Handling Objections
Presented by John Klasen

This series of messages was presented to address common objections that unbelievers and skeptics often express regarding the God of the Bible; issues pertaining to God's righteousness, Jesus Christ, Christianity, Christians and the Bible.

Jesus of Nazareth - Israel's Prophesied Messiah
Presented by John Klasen

This 4-part series is particularly appropriate for evangelism of our Jewish friends and acquaintances.

In this series, the Jewish Old Testament Scriptures are used exclusively to demonstrate how that the prophesied Messiah could be no one other than Jesus of Nazareth.

In this series, you will also learn about the prophetic significance of the Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits and Pentecost (Shavuot) as they pertain to the prophetic program for the nation Israel, and how these feasts have been literally fulfilled by Israelís Messiah - with 3 of the 7 feasts yet to be fulfilled at Christís second coming.

Israel's Prophesied Kingdom
Presented by John Klasen

This 3-part series demonstrates the literal, physical nature of Israel's prophesied kingdom as opposed to the abstract notion that this kingdom is actually present today. The "kingdom", which is repeatedly referred to in the gospel accounts during Christ's earthly ministry, is often incorrectly presumed to be present in the hearts of believers living today - usually based on an incorrect interpretation of verses such as Luke 17:20-21 and John 18:36.