I Timothy notes

by Peter Philippi

Last updated 03/09/18

Jul 31, 2016 -- MP3 audio 1Tim01

  1. A student of scripture from his youth
  2. Delicate in health
  3. Spiritually influenced by his grandmother and mother
  4. Paul concerned that he might withdraw or hold back under pressure
  5. He ministered with Paul for many years
  6. Pastored in Ephesus
  7. Very close and dear to Paul
  8. Strong exhortations to Timothy
  9. Paul addressed Titus more like a military man might address his subordinate, also in authority
  10. Paul took Titus to Jerusalem to defend gentile freedom from circumcision, and the Law

Aug 07, 2016 -- MP3 audio 1Tim02

I Timothy 1

  1. Author: Paul
    1. Apostle
    2. Apostle by the commandment of God
    3. God our Savior
    4. Apostle by the commandment of the Lord Jesus Christ
    5. The Lord Jesus Christ our hope
  2. The centrality of grace, mercy and peace in Paulís ministry
  3. Aug 14, 2016 -- MP3 audio 1Tim03

  4. Jesus Christ is the means by which God the Father accomplishes His work
    1. Salvation
    2. Submission
    3. Creation
    4. Redemption
    5. Reconciliation
    6. Justification
    7. Propitiation
    8. Revelation
    9. Resurrection
    10. Communication
    11. Foundation

    Aug 21, 2016 -- MP3 audio 1Tim04

  5. The importance of sound doctrine in the church
    1. DOCTRINE: the embodiment of truth received from Paul
    2. DOCTRINE: the need to preserve and protect it
    3. DOCTRINE: the only means of edification
    4. DOCTRINE: gives us the correct view and use of law
    5. DOCTRINE: the nourishment and focus of a preacher
    6. DOCTRINE: the great benefit of scripture

    Aug 28, 2016 -- MP3 audio 1Tim05

  6. The distractions and deterrents from sound doctrine
    1. Fables
    2. Genealogies
    3. Law-keeping
    4. Vain jangling
    5. Profane and old wivesí fables
    6. Questions and strifes of words
    7. Profane and vain babblings and oppositions of so-called science
    8. Strife about words
    9. Foolish and unlearned questions
    10. Jewish fables and commandments of men
    11. Foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law
  7. Paulís instruction to Timothy
    1. Stay at Ephesus to command those teaching other doctrine to stop
    2. And not to give attention to fables and endless genealogies
    3. These can only lead to questions rather than a clear understanding of the administration of what God is doing today, and which leads to faith
  8. The purpose of Paulís commandment to Timothy
    1. Love out of a pure heart
    2. Love out of a good conscience
    3. Love out of a genuine faith
  9. The departure of some from Paulís commandment
    1. To fruitless discussions
    2. Desiring to be teachers of the Law
    3. Ignorantly!
  10. The legitimate purpose and use of the Law
    1. Law is good IF it is used properly
    2. Law is not enacted upon a law-abiding person
    3. BUT is for lawless and unruly ones 14+ examples
    4. For those who reject the sound doctrine of the gospel committed to Paul!
      Do this and live the Law commands But gives me neither feet nor hands
      A better word the Gospel brings, It bids me fly, and gives me wings
  11. The unique ministry of the apostle Paul
    1. Godís enablement and empowerment of Paul for his unique ministry
    2. Godís acknowledgement of Paulís faithfulness
    3. Godís appointment and calling of Paul for his unique ministry
    4. Sep 18, 2016 -- MP3 audio 1Tim08

    5. Godís wonderful grace bestowed upon Godís great enemy
      1. A blasphemer, persecutor and injurious
      2. Godís mercy demonstrated to Paul
      3. Godís exceeding abundant grace with faith and love
      4. Paul chief of sinners, first member of the Body of Christ, and a pattern of all believers in this dispensation of grace
      5. Paulís overwhelming gratitude

    Sep 25, 2016 -- MP3 audio 1Tim09

  12. Paulís next charge to Timothy
    1. The charge of a father to his son
    2. According to the prophecies that went before him
    3. War a good warfare
    4. Holding faith
    5. Oct 2, 2016 -- MP3 audio 1Tim10

    6. Holding a good conscience
    7. The awful example of two men that did not: Hymaneaus and Alexander
      1. They made shipwreck
      2. They blasphemed
      3. They were turned over to Satan

I Timothy 2

  1. Prayer instructions 2:1-2a
  2. Purpose of the prayers 2:2b-3
  3. Godís deepest desire 2:4
  4. One God and one mediator 2:5
  5. One ransom payment for all 2:6a
  6. A specific timing for the proclamation of this great news 2:6b
  7. A selected proclaimer of this great news 2:7
  8. Dec 18, 2016 -- MP3 audio 1Tim14

  9. Godís order as it pertains to men and women in the church
    1. Men in public prayer and spiritual leadership in the church 2:8
      1. The outward expressions must come from an inward reality
      2. The leading role of men in the church
    2. Womenís grace attitude 2:9-15
      1. Their adornment
        1. Their appearance 9
        2. Their qualities 9-10

        Jan 08, 2017 -- MP3 audio 1Tim15

      2. Their learning 11
      3. Their teaching and authority 12
      4. The biblical rationale 13-14
      5. A womanís "salvation" in childbearing 15

Jan 15, 2017 -- MP3 audio 1Tim16

I Timothy 3

  1. Instructions to be trusted
  2. The pastor/overseer/presiding officer of the local church
    1. Itís a man
    2. No "calling" but "desire"
    3. Itís a good work
    4. Qualifications
      1. Personal life
      2. Family life
      3. Public life

      Feb 05, 2017 -- MP3 audio 1Tim18

      So what we have is:
      1. The manís character
      2. The manís family
      3. The manís reputation
      4. The manís message
        1. Itís the emphasis of Paulís instructions to pastor Timothy
        2. Itís the means God uses to offer salvation to the lost
          - It is NOT by law-keeping
          - It is NOT by our works
          - It IS by the work of Jesus Christ
          - It IS by grace
          - It IS through faith
        3. Itís the way God equips Christians to do the work of ministry

    Feb 12, 2017 -- MP3 audio 1Tim19

  3. The Deacon or helper: qualifications
  4. 3:8 Grave (honest, reverend)
    Not double-tongued
    Not given to much wine
    Not greedy of gain
    3:9 Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience
    3:10 Tested and proven
    3:11 With an honorable wife
    3:12 A one-woman man
    Managing their homes well
    3:13 The two-fold result of using the office well
    1) Good reputation and influence in the church
    2) Great boldness in the faith

I Timothy 3
Apt to Teach & Holding the Mystery of the Faith

"Study to show yourself approved unto God a workman that needs not be ashamed rightly dividing the Word of Truth" -- 2 Tim. 2:15 and 3:16-17

Be careful how you build...every man's "work" shall be made manifest -- I Corinthians 3:10-15

Time Past But Now
Hope Hope
Blessings Blessings
Gospel Gospel
Giving Giving
Prayer Prayer
Resurrection Resurrection
Commissions Commissions
12 Apostles 1 Apostle

Time Past But Now
Scriptures to and about:
Angels Angels
Faith & Works Faith & Works
Baptisms Baptism
Kept Secret

Feb 19, 2017 -- MP3 audio 1Tim20

Feb 26, 2017 -- MP3 audio 1Tim21

Mar 5, 2017 -- MP3 audio 1Tim22

Mar 12, 2017 -- MP3 audio 1Tim23

Knowing Jesus Christ:
According to the flesh
2 Cor 5:14-16
Knowing Jesus Christ:
According to the revelation of the mystery
2 Cor 5:14-16
  • Confirm promises to Israel
  • Baptized by John: righteousness
  • Gospel of the Kingdom: destination: earth
  • Healing sickness/deseases
  • Sermon on the Mount
  • "Lord's Prayer"
  • Relying on God for food and clothing
  • Casting out demons
  • Forming a Nation: birth, death, rebirth
  • Believe that Jesus is the Christ,
    the Son of the living God: Name
  • A new Gospel
  • Revelation of God's Righteousness/Wrath
  • Principles of God's judgement
  • Salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone
  • Out of Adam into Christ
  • Vital union with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection
  • Seated / Blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places
  • Forming of a Body
  • Destination: heaven

I Timothy 3:9
Holding the Mystery of the faith in a pure conscience

  1. The dramatic change in Godís program
  2. The only means of being spiritually established
  3. The new revelation and who it is meant for
  4. The destiny of this new program
  5. The clear understanding of His will for us
  6. The person it was first revealed to
  7. The love and sacrifice that made it all possible
  8. The need to focus on and proclaim this message boldly
  9. The need to receive and fully accept this message
  10. The way this new message is lived out

  Israel Body of Christ
Purpose Form a Nation Create a Body
Hope Second coming of Christ Rapture of the Church
Blessings on the world Through the rise of Israel Through the fall of Israel
Blessings to God's people Conditional Unconditional
Gospel Of the Kingdom Of the Grace of God
Message to be believed Jesus: Christ, the Son of God Christ died for our sins
Teaching on giving Obligatory tithe (Law-giving) Voluntary (Grace-giving)
Prayer What God is doing with Israel What God is doing with us
Resurrection So Christ sits on David's throne Justification and victory
Commissions Teach all nations and baptize Ambassadors, reconciliation
Apostles 12 circumcision 1 household manager
Scriptures to and about Genesis-Acts 8, Heb-Rev Romans-Philemon
Angels Ministering spirits Ministered to by us
Faith and works Required as evidence of faith Faith without works
Baptism Many One only
Program Revealed Kept secret: Mystery

I Corinthians 3:9
Godís Building / Temple
I Timothy 4:13-16 Growth
I Timothy 4:7-12 Godliness
I Timothy 4:6 Good minister
I Timothy 4:1-3 SPOE = Attacks truth
I Timothy 3:16 Mystery of Godliness
I Timothy 3:14-15 Conduct/Church = Pillar & Support of truth
I Timothy 3:8-13 Servants/Supporters: "Deacons"
I Timothy 3:1-7 Leaders/Rulers: "Bishop/Elder/Pastor"
I Timothy 1:3-10 SPOE
I Corinthians 3:12-17 "Work": building materials 2 Tim. 2:15
I Timothy 2:3-7 Salvation Truth
I Timothy 1:11-16 New Gospel/New HH Mgr/New order/pattern
I Corinthians 3:10-11 Foundation laid by Paul

I Timothy 4

  1. Paulís "latter times"
  2. Causes for departure from the faith
    1. Giving heed to seducing spirits
    2. Giving heed to doctrines of devils
      1. Speak lies in hypocrisy
      2. Have their conscience seared with a hot iron
      3. Forbid to marry
      4. Command to abstain from meats
  3. A Good minister of Jesus Christ
    1. Put brethren in remembrance
    2. Nourished up in the words of faith and good doctrine
  4. A godly minister of Jesus Christ
    1. Refuse profane and old wives fables

Christís ministry on Earth to Israel

  1. He came to confirm Godís promises to Israel
  2. He came preaching a unique "good news"
  3. He commissioned the 12 to do the same
  4. This message of the Kingdom has been promised from the beginning of time
  5. What Jesus commissioned the 12 after His resurrection in Mark 16:15-18
  6. Notice what was associated with the good news of the Kingdom in II, III and V

Christís ministry from heaven to the Body of Christ

  1. We are now proclaiming a different gospel
  2. Healing is not a sign associated with this gospel
  3. Healing for the Body of Christ takes place when we receive our new bodies
  4. Godís plan for today is that we might continuously access His grace, in every circumstance
  5. Notice the contrast between the message of the Kingdom which has been promised from the beginning of time and Paulís message

Healing: 11 Conclusions/Lessons

  1. The fact that God doesn't, doesn't mean He can't
  2. The fact that God doesn't heal doesn't mean He doesn't care
  3. The fact that some are healed after someone prays is coincidental
  4. God is not glorified or pleased when He gets credit for something He didn't do
  5. Constantly invoking God's name results in taking God's name in vain (God did this, God spoke to me, God led me)
  6. When a believer and an unbeliever experience the exact same thing proves that it is not God doing it - remissions
  7. Misapplying scripture always results in confusion
  8. Encouraging or urging someone to pray for healing is to give them false hope
  9. Starting with experience negates the authority of scripture- other way around!
  10. Extra-biblical experiences invariably lead to boasting and spiritual pride
  11. God doesn't need a defense attorney making excuses for Him when healing doesn't come after a Christian's sincere prayer for healing

The Focus and Life of those in Service for Christ

  1. Keep reminding people of whatís really important
  2. Engage in the lifetime process of feeding on the words of faith and doctrine
  3. Reject what is worthless and vigorously pursue godliness
    1. The mystery of godliness
    2. The profit of godliness
    3. The absolute acceptability of it
    4. The consuming effort and possible consequences
    5. The universal provision of salvation
  4. Withstand criticism
  5. Focus rather on the exemplary Christian life
    1. Being careful about your words
    2. Exemplary in your behavior
    3. Loving in all situations
    4. Exemplary in spirit
    5. Solid in faith
    6. Pure in every way
  6. Give yourself to reading, exhorting believers and focusing on doctrine
    1. Pay attention to doctrine I Timothy 4:13
    2. Command that no other doctrine be taught I Timothy 1:3
    3. Identify the enemies of sound doctrine I Timothy 1:7-10
    4. Feed on Good doctrine I Timothy 4:6
    5. Focus your ministry on doctrine I Timothy 4:13
    6. Focus your life on doctrine I Timothy 4:16
    7. Make sure youíre not a bad reflection on doctrine I Timothy 6:1, 3
    8. Saturate others with doctrine II Timothy 3:10
    9. Scripture equips you with doctrine II Timothy 3:16
    10. Make sure your preaching is filled with doctrine II Timothy 4:2-3
    11. It is sound doctrine that exhorts and convicts the opposition Titus 1:9
    12. Let your speech be consistent with sound doctrine Titus 2:1
    13. Hold your doctrine with integrity, honesty and sincerity Titus 2:7
    14. Make sure your life compliments doctrine Titus 2:9-10
      Why is this so important? Because
    15. The opposition to doctrine is fierce! I Timothy 4:1
  7. Donít forget what youíve received
  8. Ponder these things and give yourself completely to them
  9. Give attention to your life, to "the" doctrine, and persevere in them
  10. And the result: you will save your ministry and the effect on others

I Timothy 5

  1. Addressing a member of the assembly that is problematic
    1. When a member of the church family has a problem that affects individuals in the church or the assembly in general, we need to be loving enough to address it
    2. Donít ignore the problem, that helps no one, including the individual
    3. When you do so, it needs to be done respectfully
    4. The caution and humility necessary Galatians 6:1
  2. The assemblyís responsibility for caring for widows in the assembly
    1. The responsibility of the widowís family
    2. The responsibility of the church for qualifying widows
    3. The responsibility of the widow
    4. Do NOT put younger widows on the list
  3. The assembly's responsibility towards ruling elders 5:17-25
    1. The focus on "elders" 5:17 (Not novices)
    2. The responsibility of "ruling" and "laboring in the word and doctrine" 5:17
    3. The responsibility of "honoring" and "supporting" 5:17-18
      1. 1) Make sure it is generously if it is not burdensome to the assembly so that he does not have to struggle financially
      2. 2) It may be very little IF the assembly only has people who are living just to make ends meet
      3. 3) It should not be such that the pastor lives in outlandish luxury, seeking to get rich, and filled with the love of money
      4. 4) Support cannot come with strings attached so that you control the pastor and make him indebted to you
    4. Caution to be exercised when "accusing" an elder 5:19
    5. How to deal with the issue of a sinning elder 5:20
    6. Impartiality is essential 5:21
    7. Care is to be taken when appointing elders 5:22, 24-25
    8. Timothyís physical illnesses 5:23

I Timothy 6

  1. A Christian servantís attitude towards his master
  2. The impact of our attitudes
  3. Be very careful about your attitude when you have a believing "master"
  4. The great importance of living life the way GOD intends for us to live it, according to:
    1. The teaching of wholesome words
    2. Which are the words of our Lord Jesus Christ
    3. Which is the doctrine according to godliness
  5. Warning regarding those that reject Paulís message
    1. They are not passive bystanders but proactively teach otherwise
    2. They reject Godís wholesome message
    3. They reject the doctrine that is according to godliness
    4. They are proud
    5. They know nothing
    6. They are mentally "sick"
    7. They only generate (1) envy, (2) strifes, (3) railings, (4) evil surmisings, (5) perverse disputings; they are: (6) destitute of the truth; they (7) assume that prosperity is evidence of Godís blessing
    8. Get away from these people!!!
  6. Grace teaches us what is truly valuable in this life: godliness with contentment
  7. Grace teaches us the temporal and passing nature of possessions
  8. Grace teaches us contentment with the basics of life
  9. God tells us that to long for riches results in devastation
    1. If your desire in life is to be rich you put yourself in a position to be tempted to sin
    2. If your desire in life is to be rich you will fall into an awful trap
    3. If your desire in life is to be rich you will fall into many foolish and hurtful lusts
    4. ALL of which leads to destruction and spiritual ruin
  10. Godís servant must run from these things
  11. And pursue hard after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness
  12. Fight the good fight of (the) faith
  13. Follow the example of Paul
  14. Follow the example of Christ
  15. The glory that awaits us!
  16. Instructions for the rich
    1. Be humble
    2. Do not trust in uncertain riches
    3. Trust in the Lord
    4. Do good, rich in good works
    5. Be ready and willing to give
    6. Focus on that which is eternal
  17. Above all, guard that which has been committed to you