The Salvation Gospel
Presented by John Klasen

Gospel messages for people living today in this present Dispensation of Grace

It is important to understand that the Bible presents more than one gospel message. How does a person know which gospel message pertains to people who are living today?

These teaching sessions will help you understand the critical differences between the Gospel of the Grace of God, which was given by Christ to the apostle Paul and which pertains to us today, and the Gospel of the Kingdom, which was preached by John the Baptist, Christ and the 12 apostles and which pertains to the nation, Israel.

Donít let Satan rob you of your eternal salvation by deceiving you into trusting in a gospel that does not pertain to you.

Dec 28, 2003 Part 1
60 minutes

Salvation - The Gospel of the Grace of God

Sept 23, 2007 Part 2a Part 2b
40 minutes each

Salvation Today

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