The Battle On the Cross
Presented by John Klasen

Jan 29, 2017     Mar 19, 2017

Part 1: In these introductory messages, certain key Old Testament prophetic passages and passages from other of the epistles written to Israel are examined. These passages are necessary in order to gain insight and understanding as to what was actually taking place during the crosswork of Christ.
Mar 26, 2017

Part 2: Looking back at Satan's role during historical events in Genesis which made the ultimate battle on the cross a necessity, and how that ultimate battle was prefigured in Israel's redemption and ransoming from Satanic captivity during the exodus. Jehovah attempts to teach Israel the principle of "Jehovah I AM" (whatever you need me to be for you.)
Apr 02, 2017

Part 3: Israel's failures to learn what Jehovah wanted her to learn place the nation back under Satanic captivity once again. This time, they are Satan's "lawful captives."
Apr 09, 2017

Part 4: We follow Christ's earthly ministry to the nation Israel and the series of escalating confrontations leading up to the final battle of God's power against Satan's power at the cross. The spoils of the battle pertaining to Israel can now be appreciated and understood, and the reason why they have not yet become a reality is explained.

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