Grace Bible Church of Rolling Meadows

Foreknown, Predestinated, Chosen and Elect

  1. Introduction
  2. Four types of theology
    1. Pelagianism
    2. Semi-pelagianism
    3. Augustinianism
    4. Right division
  3. The meaning of predestination
  4. The wrong application of predestination
  5. The Biblical teaching on predestination
  6. Understanding the sovereignty of God
    • -How can a sovereign God relate to a fallen world?
    • -He can?
      1. Give no one an opportunity for salvation
      2. Provide an opportunity for everyone to be saved
      3. Intrude in the lives of some to ensure their salvation
      4. Intrude in the lives of everyone to ensure their salvation
  7. The dilemma of the Augustinian / Reformed position
  8. The biblical basis for the Augustinian / Reformed position
  9. The four elections in scripture
    1. Christ
    2. Israel
    3. Body of Christ
    4. Angels
  10. The relationship between the sovereignty of God and man's free will
    • Man has free will
    • Man exercises his will by choice
    • Man = Sinner > cannot choose righteousness
    • Cannot be saved w/o re-generation
    • Man DOES need God's enablement to be saved
    • Conscience and Nature (Romans 1)
    • Spirit of God
    • Word of God
  11. The Reform position on salvation: man must be regenerated/born again before he can be saved
  12. The Reform position on evangelism
  13. The moral and ethical problems with the Reform position
  14. The overwhelming evidence in scripture that the Reform position is completely wrong