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Who Is This Baby?

Steve Walker


The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Chad Williams


Who We Are

Peter Philipi


We will be looking at who we are as an assembly, and where we are headed.

We'll be looking at specific issues that have come up over the last 25 years that have affected our church, some behind the scenes, all of them relevant to our ministry, past, present, and future.

Today we continue to look at who we are as an assembly. One issue that has continually reared its ugly head, and persists to this day, is the sad controversy about the King James translation, and those who zealously persist on garnering disciples for the KJV ONLY position. This issue has fractured relationships and divided even those of us who rightly divide God's Word and are devoted to the preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the Mystery (Romans 16:25). If Satan doesn't succeed in dividing us on the message of grace, he delights in dividing us on the issues of the tragic and heartbreaking!

Errors That Have Crept into Mid‑Acts Dispensationalism

Steve Walker


Why I am Not KJVO

Conversations with a Roman Catholic friend
A biblical response

Peter Philippi


Thankfulness and the Glory of God

Chad Williams


Words Associated with Resurrection

Peter Philippi


Misunderstanding the Holy Spirit

Peter Philippi


The most misunderstood and misrepresented
Person of the Triune Godhead

What Jesus Left When He Came

Peter Philippi


We'll be looking at some of what Jesus left behind when He came to earth, and what He encountered once He got here.

There was a unique oneness and intimacy among the three Persons of the triune Godhead, which ceased to be the same when Christ came to accomplish His amazing work.

While still one with the Father and Holy Spirit, it wasn't the same during His 33-year ministry on planet earth.

Here, He ceased to exercise the full use of all His attributes, limited Himself to being a man, and encountered difficulties, attacks, suffering, torture, and ultimate death...all for US!

The Satanic Policy of Evil in the World Today

John Klasen


A very in-depth look at how the Satanic Policy of Evil is driving the thoughts and actions of human society during this present evil age (as Paul describes it).

One String Guitar
Or God's Way?

Peter Philippi


In this series we'll be studying what most of us have heard for decades, and that is that we over-emphasize Rightly Dividing, Dispensational teaching, and the Apostle Paul.

Many over the years have commented we only have one string on our guitar. Well, is that true? Does it really matter?

We'll answer the questions and see if it bears up in Scripture.

The premise is that it does matter how we approach the study, interpretation, and application of God's matters a lot!

Consider the Source:
Careful who you listen to

Peter Philippi


With all the voices in the world, and in the church, telling us what to believe and what not to believe, it is imperative that we understand from scripture whom God wants us to listen to and who we should not listen to, receive instructions on how to be saved and how to live the Christian life once we are.

Based on the foundational passage of 2 Timothy 2:2, we should be listening to the Apostle Paul: “The THINGS you have heard of ME (Paul) ...”

Paul does not say “the things you have heard of Moses”, which the Galatians ended up listening to. NOR, does he say “the things you have heard of Jesus in His earthly ministry as He taught the 12,” which so many in the “evangelical church” have been widely listening to, causing much confusion, immaturity and fruitlessness among Christians!

There are so many “Trojan Horse Doctrines” that come to us, especially because “Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness” (2 Cor. 11:14-15). Satan is a master at manipulating scripture and trying to make it apply where it doesn't. For example, he did it with Adam and Eve in Genesis 3, he did it in Matthew 4 when he tempted Christ, he does it today deceiving the Body of Christ by getting Christians to apply any and all scripture as a distraction from Paul's distinct message and ministry for us today.

Man's Great Problems
and God's One Solution

Peter Philippi


In “Man's Great Problems and God's One Solution” we'll consider some of the problems every human being encounters as a result of his/her spiritual condition: Problem of the heart, problem of sin, problem of spiritual death and separation from God; and then the One Solution, the finished work of Christ on the cross!

In addition, in part two, we have the problems of spiritual blindness, spiritual darkness, enemies of God, and God's judgement.

In part three, one more problem: The Exclusiveness of Salvation, there is only ONE WAY, it's exclusively for those who BELIEVE, and there is no other way. The solution: God has made a universal provision for ALL the world!!!

Get it wrong in Genesis
There's no chance of getting it right
anywhere else

Peter Philippi


This series focusses on the basic, foundational truths that used to be more common knowledge in our country, but over the years have been rejected, suppressed, attacked, and replaced with lies.

Here are some of the Highlights we will be touching on:

  • The existence of God
  • Creation
  • God's two distinct programs
  • God's master plan and Satan's plan of evil
  • The lifetime battle with sin
  • Power struggle in marriage
  • Parenting difficulty and sorrows
  • Man's need of salvation
  • God's provision of salvation
  • The authority of God's Word

Introdution to Pauline Grace
The Lies of Historic Christianity

Steve Walker


The Lies of Historic Christianity and the Truth of God

This series explains some of the most basic principles of Pauline Grace, and then contrasts them with the commonly accepted teachings of historic Christianity, which has, for the most part, rejected the distinct apostleship of Paul, and, therefore, has rejected God's purpose for today, and has, therefore rejected God's Grace as well.

Salvation and The Attributes of God

Peter Philippi


The State of the Nation 2020

John Klasen


Fundamentals of the Satanic Policy of Evil

The Death and Resurrection of Christ

Steve Walker


Paul's Distinct Apostleship and the Coronavirus Crisis

Steve Walker


Then and Now

Peter Philippi


The Prophecy Series

John Klasen


There has never been a time in human history when it has been more important to be able to demonstrate that the Bible is the word of God and why the Bible can be trusted as the unique source of accurate and absolute truth which it is.

In this series, you will see how God has demonstrated this through fulfilled prophecy, declaring "the end from the beginning..."

What We Know And Why It Is True

Peter Philippi


Calvinism, Election, Predestination & Romans 9

John Klasen


It's interesting that Romans 9 is often a section in Scripture which the proponents of Calvinism will come to in support of their beliefs. However, when Romans 9 is correctly interpreted in line with the context throughout, the doctrines associated Calvinist thinking are actually completed destroyed.

The Glory and Manifold Wisdom of God

John Klasen
Steve Walker


Any saved individual certainly lives with the continual joy associated with all of the spiritual blessings that God has predestined for a believer in Christ. However, it is only the most mature Christian who is able to look beyond all that which God has done for him or her as an individual, and to appreciate the fact that God is actually working out something even more important than that.

What would that be? God is working out a plan to demonstrate His glory.

It is important that members of the Body of Christ understand how that they are an integral part of that plan.

In this two-part message, you will hear Steve Walker introduce this critically important concept of the glory of God, and then John Klasen will elaborate on how that becomes a living demonstration of the manifold wisdom of God which Paul refers to in Ephesians 3:10.

The Second Coming of Christ

John Klasen


Five Keys to Rightly Dividing
the Word of God

Peter Philippi


  1. Who is Speaking, to Whom, and for what Purpose?
  2. Is it part of Prophecy or Mystery ?
  3. Are Blessings Conditional or Unconditional?
  4. Is it part of God's Earthly program or part of God's Heavenly program?
  5. Is there a clear distinction between Jews and Gentiles

Born of God - Born Again - Born of the Spirit

John Klasen


A Biblical View of Our Ministry

Peter Philippi


So You Missed the Rapture

John Klasen


What will it look like and what should you do now?

Part 1: How will the event which we call the Rapture actually play out?

As we look at those passages in the Bible which describe the Rapture, we will also examine why so many people who professed to be Christians will be left behind. We will see Satan's role in this, and how that those people who thought they were Christians, but were left behind, had been deceived into believing a gospel message which had been corrupted by Satan.

Part 2, we see how that the Rapture will signal the resumption of God's prophetic kingdom program with the nation Israel.

We will see the beginning of the career of the Antichrist who will establish his deceptive treaty between Israel and Israel's enemies in the Middle East. We will see the role of the 144,000 servants of the Lord from Revelation chapter 7 who will be preaching the gospel of the kingdom throughout the world. We will also look at the ministry of the Lord's two witnesses in Revelation 11 who will be giving out the word of God during the 1st 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation. Part 2 will begin to answer the question of what those who will be left behind will need to do in order to be saved.

Part 3: As Israel's 7 year Tribulation continues, we will see how that the principle of "blessing those who bless Israel and cursing those who curse Israel" will apply to all Gentile nations of the earth.
This is a principle which will need to be embraced by anyone outside of the nation Israel who will be left behind and who desires to be saved after the Rapture.

The Battle On the Cross

John Klasen


Part 1: In these introductory messages, certain key Old Testament prophetic passages and passages from other of the epistles written to Israel are examined. These passages are necessary in order to gain insight and understanding as to what was actually taking place during the crosswork of Christ.

Part 2: Looking back at Satan's role during historical events in Genesis which made the ultimate battle on the cross a necessity, and how that ultimate battle was prefigured in Israel's redemption and ransoming from Satanic captivity during the exodus. Jehovah attempts to teach Israel the principle of "Jehovah I AM" (whatever you need me to be for you.)

Part 3: Israel's failures to learn what Jehovah wanted her to learn place the nation back under Satanic captivity once again. This time, they are Satan's "lawful captives."

Part 4: We follow Christ's earthly ministry to the nation Israel and the series of escalating confrontations leading up to the final battle of God's power against Satan's power at the cross. The spoils of the battle pertaining to Israel can now be appreciated and understood, and the reason why they have not yet become a reality is explained.

The Perpetual Hatred of Israel
How will it all End?

John Klasen


The Perpetual Hatred of Israel and the Arab Muslim Conflict in the Middle East.

How will it all End?

What is Going on in the World Today - 2016

John Klasen


This is a question which many people are asking today as we see the forces of evil operating in the lives of individuals, in our cities, in our nation and all across the world stage. Where are we headed?

In this 2-part series, you will see how that the Bible is able to provide the only explanation for the deterioration which we are seeing at every level of society.

A written transcript of the message is available for download, or in the form of a booklet which can be obtained simply by contacting us through our website.

Educating Angels
in the Manifold Wisdom of God

John Klasen


Who Knew The Mystery
The seven gospels of the Kingdom of God

John Klasen


Prayer for the Body of Christ - 2015

John Klasen


Christmas should also be celebrated by the Jewish people

Peter Philippi


Unfortunately, Christmas is viewed as a Christian Holiday and Hanukah appears to be the Jewish Holiday celebrated approximately during the same time. The reality from scripture is that Christmas should be celebrated by The Jewish people as well. Find out why in this message.

  1. The Jewish scriptures predicted His coming
  2. The Jewish scriptures predicted and pictured His substitutionary death
  3. His names tell us who He is and what He came to do for His people Israel
  4. His disciples were all Jewish and He commissioned them to go to the Jews
  5. Jesus came to the Jewish people
  6. John wrote his entire gospel to appeal to the Jewish people

3 Phases of Salvation,
Sanctification & The Christian Life

John Klasen


The Great Commission for the Church,
the Body of Christ

John Klasen


Most of Christianity today will immediately turn to Matthew chapter 28 for what is commonly referred to as the Great Commission for the church of today. But it is important to understand that this cannot be so, for a number of reasons, that the commissions recorded in the gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, as well as that in Acts 1:8, are commissions which were never intended for the church today.

The commission for the church of today is to be found in 2 Corinthians 5:17-21, and is intimately connected to the gospel of the grace of God - which is the only gospel which has the power to save a person today.

As ambassadors for Christ, it is incumbent upon every believer to know what the different gospel messages in the Bible are all about, and to understand exactly what the gospel of the grace of God is, and what it is not, and how the Satanic policy of evil has corrupted and perverted that very gospel, in it's attempt to subvert the eternal destiny of anyone who desires to be saved.

The Mystery Kingdom Parables of Matthew 13

John Klasen


The 7 mystery kingdom parables given by Jesus in Matthew 13

In this series, the listener will come to understand why Jesus began to teach in parables at this particular point in His ministry, the significance of the use of the parable, and how the information Jesus gives to His disciples relates to the books of Hebrews through Revelation.

It is important for the believer today to understand that the 7 mystery kingdom parables, given by Jesus in Matthew 13, have nothing to do with the church today, or with members of the church, the Body of Christ today.

The Preaching of Jesus Christ according to the Revelation of the Mystery

Peter Philippi


The Supremacy of the Gospel in Paul's life
A Message of Salvation

Peter Philippi


Leviticus 26
Israel's 5 Courses of Punishment

John Klasen


Prayer in Israel's Program
"The Lord's Prayer"

John Klasen


One of the great errors within many denominational churches today, is the presumption that the so-called "Lord's Prayer" of Matthew 6:9-13 is a pattern of prayer for Christians today. In this study, it will be demonstrated how that the prayer of Matthew 6 has no place in the prayer life of Christians today. What would more appropriately be called "The Disciple's Prayer", it illustrates the appropriate petitions which His disciples should have been praying in light of the situation that the nation Israel was in at the time, and that which it was destined to experience, as Israel's kingdom program unfolded.

The Value Proposition

Bob Williams


The Gospel for the Denominational Churches of Christianity

John Klasen


The only gospel with the power to save today.

The Bible warns of "other gospels" which do not have the power to save people in this current age. These "other gospels" were quite appropriate when John the Baptist, Jesus of Nazareth and his 12 disciples were teaching and preaching the "gospel of the kingdom" in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but have no power to save an individual in this current age.

The "gospel of the kingdom" stands in clear contradistinction to the "gospel of the grace of God" which was given to us by the apostle Paul, and which is the only gospel message which has the power to save a person during this present age.

It is critically important to understand how Satan has capitalized on this failure to appreciate the differences between these two gospel messages, and how that he has successfully deceived multitudes of denominational churchgoers into reliance on a gospel message which can only result in eternal damnation.

Perilous Times

Bob Williams


A discussion of what the Apostle Paul calls these "perilous times".

Foreknown, Predestinated, Chosen and Elect

Peter Philippi


That Old Time Religion

Bob Williams


The battle for the souls of man began early in Genesis and continues until the Lord Jesus returns in glory. Satan, the Adversary, is the one who contends with God, His plan and His purpose for man. Satan works in the church and in religion as a primary means of achieving his own purpose in contending with God.

This study traces the apostate, pagan religious system of Satan from its origin to its conclusion. This system is called the "lie" program by Paul and is known as "Mystery Babylon" throughout the ages. This false system permeates all religions and is the real battleground for man's souls.


John Klasen


In year 2008, comedian and TV host Bill Maher produced a DVD documentary dealing with religious beliefs. The title of the documentary was Religulous.

Bill Maher's personal position is that of an atheistic, unbeliever, and his documentary can best be described as a worldwide pilgrimage of interviews with people of faith, various religious leaders and "so-called" experts who were asked questions pertaining to their beliefs and why they believed what they believe.

Many of the questions which Mr. Maher asked were very good questions - and questions for which unbelievers and skeptics deserve an answer, but the answers which Bill Maher received from these so-called religious experts and leaders of Christianity were nothing short of appalling.

The answers he received, for the most part, were incomplete, inaccurate and consistently demonstrated gross ignorance of what the Bible actually has to say on the issues which were raised.

This series addresses those issues in a manner consistent with truth and what the Bible teaches.

Understanding the Big Picture
Satan's Role in the World Today

John Klasen


The real epic battle of the ages is not a battle between nations, races, religions or political ideologies. The battle of the ages is the battle which is going on between the God and Creator of the universe and His Adversary, Satan. This battle began in the heavenly places when Lucifer declared war on God the Creator, and it will end here on the earth. God will be victorious. But during the course of the battle, Satan is seeking to destroy the lives of as many unsuspecting individuals as he possibly can by undermining the word of God and corrupting the good news of God's free gift of salvation for mankind.

It's important to understanding how Satan is accomplishing these things today.

Creating God in Our Own Image
or Why Do I Believe What I Believe

Joe Gollwitzer


Another Jesus - Another Gospel
Another Spirit

John Klasen


These warnings by the apostle Paul in 2 Cor.11:3-4 are the most important warnings in the Bible for people living in this present age of grace.

It's critically important to understand what these warnings are all about.

Prayer for the Body of Christ - 2009

John Klasen


In Part 1 of this study on prayer for the Body of Christ, in this age of grace in which we live today, you will see the relationship between Christ, the Living Word - Christ the written Word, and Christ in you - as Christ, the written Word dwells in our hearts by faith. How does that direct our prayers? How does that enable us to know the will of God for lives, and what are 6 essential categories of prayer doctrine in the life of a believer today?

In Part 2 you will see the important relationships between the Body of Christ and intercessory prayer for others and when it might be appropriate (or not) to pray for physical healing. Are there promises in God's word for physical healing in the lives of believers today? What does the Word of God teach about these issues?

Handling Objections

John Klasen


This series of messages was presented to address common objections that unbelievers and skeptics often express regarding the God of the Bible; issues pertaining to God's righteousness, Jesus Christ, Christianity, Christians and the Bible.

Part 1: The truth about atheists, agnostics, former "professed" Christians who have renounced Christianity, why there is suffering in this world and issues pertaining to man's free will.

Part 2: Continuation on man's free will and the sovereignty and justice of God. Was the God of the Old Testament justified in wiping out whole societies of men, women and children? What is the fate of babies who die?

Part 3: Is the "lake of fire" cruel and unusual punishment? How can Jesus Christ be the only way to salvation? What about those who have never heard about Jesus Christ or the Bible? Legitimate objections against those who claim to be Christians.

Part 4: God's perspective on the inspiration and preservation of his word.

Part 5: Perspective on the Bible and further proof that the Bible is the Word of God. Evidence is presented from the Bible and from outside sources.

Part 6: Further insight into the Bible and the evidence that the Bible is God's word to us today.

Israel's Prophesied Kingdom

John Klasen


This 3-part series demonstrates the literal, physical nature of Israel's prophesied kingdom as opposed to the abstract notion that this kingdom is actually present today. The "kingdom", which is repeatedly referred to in the gospel accounts during Christ's earthly ministry, is often incorrectly presumed to be present in the hearts of believers living today - usually based on an incorrect interpretation of verses such as Luke 17:20-21 and John 18:36.

Jesus of Nazareth
Israel's Prophesied Messiah

John Klasen


This 4-part series is particularly appropriate for evangelism of our Jewish friends and acquaintances.

In this series, the Jewish Old Testament Scriptures are used exclusively to demonstrate how that the prophesied Messiah could be no one other than Jesus of Nazareth.

In this series, you will also learn about the prophetic significance of the Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits and Pentecost (Shavuot) as they pertain to the prophetic program for the nation Israel, and how these feasts have been literally fulfilled by Israel's Messiah - with 3 of the 7 feasts yet to be fulfilled at Christ's second coming.

The Salvation Gospel

John Klasen


The Gospel message for people living today in this present Dispensation of Grace

It is important to understand that the Bible presents more than one gospel message. How does a person know which gospel message pertains to people who are living today?

These teaching sessions will help you understand the critical differences between the Gospel of the Grace of God, which was given by Christ to the apostle Paul and which pertains to us today, and the Gospel of the Kingdom, which was preached by John the Baptist, Christ and the 12 apostles and which pertains to the nation, Israel.

Don't let Satan rob you of your eternal salvation by deceiving you into trusting in a gospel that does not pertain to you.

Critical Concepts of Right Division

John Klasen



Peter Philippi


Peter Philippi


Steve Walker


Steve Walker