Grace Bible Church of Rolling Meadows

James - Tough Passages

Presented by Steve Walker

The Letter of James is a beautiful and powerful little book written specifically to and about the believing remnant of Israel as they go through the Tribulation Period.

It especially addresses the attacks Satan's Policy of Evil will wage against them through apostate Israel's Vain Religious System, which, if they endure, will lead them into the Kingdom at Christ's 2nd Coming.

There, they will participate in Israel's national salvation whereby God will fully implement all Kingdom blessings: God will forgive the sins of the nation in accord with the New Covenant, re-create the Nation of Israel in accord with the Davidic Covenant, and with the Nation Israel and through her RISE will bless the friendly Gentile nations in accord with the Abrahamic Covenant, thereby fulfilling and completing God's Prophetic Program with the Nation Israel to re-establish His Glory over the whole earth, which had been spoken about by the prophets since the world began.

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Practical Application

Kingdom is at hand - what happened?